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Backtone Biofeedback Posture Trainer
Backtone Biofeedback Posture Trainer

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Backtone Biofeedback Posture Trainer

Helps eliminate and prevent slouching and bad posture. This Posture Corrector is for Back Posture Training, NOT, Restraining as other devices do.


Designed by an Australian Occupational Therapist, the BackTone™ constantly senses your posture to alert you with a quiet beep when your posture is poor, and stops when your posture is good! This is not a posture support that holds you in place, but is rather a posture trainer...a way to get your body to stand and sit correctly on its own!

In addition to preventing and eliminating slouching, it helps correct protruding abdomen (especially important for women! ) and shoulder asymmetry which often are caused by carrying heavy backpacks or bags on ones shoulder.

  • It's a fact that you look and feel so much better when you stand up straight.
  • BackTone™ is a compact Training Device that helps you develop better posture by conscious effort and willpower.
  • Without the Trainer, conscious effort and willpower alone is not enough. It's very hard to actively counteract your natural inclination to slouch and the damage your daily activities do to your posture. You can't always be aware of your posture every minute of the day.
  • With no one to pester you with your favorite mantras 'Sit up straight' or 'Stop slouching', what you need is something that will diligently remind you gently every time you lapse back into slouching mode!
  • Worn over your shoulders and around your waist like the straps of a backpack, BackTone™ gives off a short sound whenever you stoop or slouch or sit stand or walk with poor posture and stops once you correct your posture.
  • Over time you will be amazed at just how much BackTone™ improves your posture, corrects asymmetry of your arms and transforms your appearance. Something as simple as better posture can help you feel great, look taller and slimmer and gain more poise, confidence, self esteem and self assurance.
  • Puts less stress on your internal organs, helps improve your breathing and with your bones and joints in better alignment means fewer headaches and less fatigue.
  • Helps prevent back, shoulder and neck and joint pain.

Where to use your BackTone

  • At Work - You can use your BackTone to learn how to do specific work tasks with better posture. You should wear it at home initially – until you have noticed some changes. Then, trial it at work for about 5 minutes at a time – and continue with your home use. Gradually increase your work useage as you learn more.
  • At Home - Wearing BackTone at home allows you to experiment with postures and movements freely. Avoid tasks that involve a lot of bending, twisting or reaching in the early stages – as it is harder to maintain good posture during those movements.
  • For Sports - Many sportspeople use BackTone to enhance their technique and strength. However you need to follow a particular strategy. First wear your BackTone around the home. This will teach you not only what good posture FEELS like, but how to quickly and easily adopt good posture without having to think of a set of instructions. Then think about how to incorporate the newly learned posture into your sporting techniques and practise with the new posture. .....help retrain specific movements or components of a technique – such as a backswing or during the swing-through.

Watch the BackTone instruction Video

How to put on your BackTone correctly

When fitting your BackTone, remember that you want the waist belt right down low on your waist and to stay there. So don’t be tempted to put it on and start adjusting the shoulder straps first. You’ve got to get the waist belt in position before you do anything else.

So here’s what you do:

1. Before you put your BackTone on, shorten the Centre Back strap as short as possible. You can extend it if you need the extra length for your height.

2. Also before you put your BackTone on, loosen the shoulder straps by lifting the shoulder buckles and pulling the webbing underneath – on both shoulders.

3. Next, put your BackTone on – just like you would a back pack. Fasten the waist buckle, push the belt right down low on your waist and then tighten it by pulling the loose end. Not quite so tight that you can’t breathe – but quite firm so it stays in place as you move around.

4. NOW start adjusting the length of the shoulder straps for the posture you’re working on today. Just pull down on the ends to tighten them and lift up the buckles and pull the bottom strap down to loosen. You can test the beeping by curling down and straightening up again. You put one hand on the top of your Breastbone and one hand on your waist. Bring your hands closer together to make BackTone beep and take them apart to turn it off.

5. If you find your BackTone is not beeping consistently when you slouch, the centre back strap may be too long for you. You can easily shorten the Centre back strap by moving the slide buckle down.

If that’s the case, loosen the shoulder straps and take your BackTone off. Then shorten the Centre back strap by sliding the buckle down and re-fit it, following the previous steps.

You’ll find that Backtone has additional adjustment capacity in the shoulder straps, waist and centre back.

Once you’ve fitted your BackTone, simply go about your everyday tasks and forget about it. Then take it off after about 20 minutes so that you can practise incorporating the newly learned movements into other everyday activities.

Remember it takes at least 3 weeks to change a habit !!

Using your BackTone

  • Use for 15-20 minutes up to three times per day
  • BackTone is powered by small watch like batteries, which should not need replacing during the life of the product. Batteries are available for purchase if required
  • When you are not using your BackTone trainer, try using one of our Bad Backs Essential posture supports. Its not a trainer, but will help bring your shoulders back when you are feeling lazy !!


  • Small - up to 35" - waist measurement
  • Medium - 36" - 40" – waist measurement
  • Large - 41" - 52" – waist measurement

US Patent 7,914,473

Backton introduction Video
Backtone Video

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