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Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap
Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap

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Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap

Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap is discreet, comfortable and non-restrictive allowing free movement. If you suffer from chronic or intermittent back pain then you should keep a Hottie backwrap close at hand. This back wrap is entirely reusable representing great value over single use alternatives. It is a non-drug, non invasive proven effective product for lower back pain relief. It allows you to get on with life and receive effective pain-relief at the same time.

Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap never needs filling or emptying so very convenient to use. It will save you from hassle and will prove to be the kindest companion in your pain. They are so simple to use that you just need to heat them in a microwave and are ready to soothe you. They stay warm for hours and will help you remain warm without any difficulty.

Hotties Thermal Packs Ltd is the UK's leading manufacturer of high quality microwave hot water bottles and therapeutic thermal packs. Supplying the UK retail market for over 10 years with an established reputation for product safety and performance. Using a unique patented technology means no filling with boiling water and no dangerous gels or waxes.

Hotties Soothing Backwrap is CE registered as a class 1 medical device. They delivers the real therapeutic benefit of gentle sustained heat as well as comfort and warmth.

Safety your care is our priority

Each Hottie consists of a factory sealed, engineered laminate pouch containing only water absorbed on to a medical grade non-woven pad. This is the thermal pack, also called the heat pad or thermal core. The thermal pack is contained in a soft cover providing insulation and ensuring comfortable lasting heat.

Energy and water saving

Every Hottie comes with comprehensive use and safety instructions. Hotties are energy and water saving. They will save you money compared to conventional hot water bottles.

Consistent warmth

Delivers a large area of consistent warmth compared to other back care products. Heat therapy is acknowledged by back pain specialists to provide effective inexpensive non-drug pain relief for many types of back pain.

Elasticated touch fastening belt

Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap features an elasticated touch fastening belt in a quilted insulating fabric to ensure an effective and comfortable fit for almost all sizes.The reusable heat pack never needs refilling and if used according to the instructions will provide long term benefit. Does not contain potentially dangerous gels or waxes and lasts longer and gives more predictable heat than wheat bags.


The Hotties Soothing Backwrap Microwaveable Heat Wrap is CE registered as class 1 medical device. They deliver the real therapeutic benefit of gentle sustained heat as well as comfort and warmth.


Hotties Soothing Microwavable Backwrap was designed in response to customers' requests for a long lasting heat relieving product. It features a reusable thermal core which microwaves in minutes and provides gentle, sustained heat for hours.

  • Factory sealed, engineered laminate pouch
  • Discreet, comfortable and non-restrictive.
  • Microwavable
  • Lasts for hours
  • Waist size 30 to 48 inches


  • Delivers continuous gentle warmth, designed specifically to ease lower back pain.
  • Penetration of heat relaxes the muscle and increases blood flow.
  • The increased blood flow helps wash away substances that cause pain.
  • It is designed to allow you free movement and to help you cope with living life to the full.
  • This product embraces the modern approach to back pain management encouraging you to continue your everyday activities thereby minimizing muscle wastage and longer term chronic back pain.


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