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LapTop LaidBack Version 3.0
LapTop LaidBack Version 3.0

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Laptop Laidback Version 3.0 - Portable laptop table

Laptop Laidback is specifically designed as a laptop table that provides each user the ultimate in comfort, by providing them full control and flexibility to place the laptop in the best position possible. The "LAIDBACK" advantage is that it positions your keyboard exactly where YOU need it, accommodating your unique arm length, hand and body shape.

Laptop Laidback is engineered to maximize comfort, which means the table must be in a position where your arms rest on a surface, and your finger tips can use the keyboard without lifting your arms. Comfort is the key! When you are comfortable, you are also pain and stress free, you can extend your laptop usage, you can be more efficient and effective, and you can significantly reduce further stress on your body.

The correct ergonomic posture when using a laptop is to always have your elbows resting on a supportive surface without having to 'reach' the keyboard. The laptop table must adjust up and down so your palms and fingers rest on the keyboard (without having to lift your elbows off the surface).

The patented Laptop Laidback Version 3 is your key to stress-free computing, however it is not restricted to only computer usage! The Laptop Laidback Version 3 is ideal for reading and writing without the need for makeshift and often un-supportive solutions.

The Laptop is completely foldable and may fit in most large laptop bags, luggage or just leave it folded next to your lounge suite.

  • Fits all Laptop computers.
  • Eliminates overheating.
  • Bed, wide sofa & wide recliner friendly.
  • Increases your computing time.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • Very stable laptop desk. Quality components.
  • Takes 1 to 2 minutes to setup (No tools required)
  • Adjusts to fit up to a 60" waist

In-Use Dimensions

  • Minimum Clearance @ 55° tilt: 4" & accompanying leg width - 19"
  • Maximum Clearance @ 55° tilt: 9.5" & accompanying leg width - 24"
  • At Maximum Clearance product can accommodate a 60" waist

Storage Dimensions

  • 16" x 11" x 2"
  • Weight: under 3 lbs

Other Specifications

  • Material - Glass reinforced ABS
  • Additional Velcro™ included for laptop-to-table security
  • No tools required for assembly

Laidback We "R" Inc, a Canadian company is proud to be the designer and supplier of a unique and very useful quality product.

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