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Pro-Tec Sacroilliac Back Belt
Pro-Tec Sacroilliac Back Belt

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Pro-Tec Sacroilliac Back Belt

A common cause of back pain is related to Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome or Dis function.

The sacroiliac joint is one of the largest joints in the body, forming a space between the sacrum, or base of the spine, and the ileum or wing of the pelvis. The sacroiliac joint is crossed by very strong ligaments which hold the joint together, and is further stabilized by the front of the pelvis.

For most of us, the sacroiliac joint moves only to a small degree, but when this joint moves into an unusual position, and the bones on either side of the joint are not aligned, inflammation and pain can occur, particularly around the portion where the sciatic nerve runs directly in front of the joint. Even when the bones are realigned by a medical professional, the ligaments may not be strong enough to hold the joint in place, which is why an external pelvic support belt can be really beneficial during this re-healing process.

How It Works

The Sacroiliac (S.I.) Back Belt provides stabilization to the hips and sacrum, reducing strain to the lower back.

Design Theory

The SI Back Belt is wrapped lower, around the hips, than most back supports. The compression pad combines with a second set of exterior straps to apply effective compression on the sacrum. A non slip gel helps keep the SI Belt in place. It is also contoured to offer an extremely comfortable fit.

  • Made from polypropylene, EVA foam

Size Chart (based on waist size)

  • Women: (Aus & USA)
    • Small 6-8 (USA 2-4)
    • Medium 10-14 (USA 6-10)
    • Large 16-20 (USA 12-16)
  • Men: (Aus & USA)
    • Small 22-30
    • Medium 32-38
    • Large 40-48

What is Sacroiliac (S.I.) Joint Syndrome?

Medical Definition

Strain or tearing of the S.I. Joint ligaments. The S.I. Joint is the connection between your tailbone (sacrum) and pelvic bone (ilium).


Direct trauma or repetitive rotation to the lumbar spine and pelvis.


Pain in the lower region of the lower back which may be exaggerated by sitting or standing for extended periods of time.

Recommended Treatment

Decreased activity to allow joint to rest and heal. Conservative physiotherapy program provided by a certified professional should help expedite your recovery. A S.I. Back Belt will also help stabilize a loose or overly flexible S.I. Joint.


Due to health restrictions, unless faulty or damaged, this item is non returnable if it has been in contact with your skin. Please try on over clothing if unsure about the sizing. If a size change is required please refer to our Returns Policy.

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