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The BedLounge® Classic
The BedLounge® Classic

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The BedLounge® Classic

Notable among today's popular trends is the way we now regard our bedrooms. Not just for sleeping anymore, they have increasingly become the place in the house to get away from it all; to read, watch TV, nap, socialise, or talk on the phone. And more and more of us do some part of our work there now.

The state of affairs for most people today is: if you want to sit or lounge in bed or around the home for any length of time, in any degree of sustained comfort, you'd better have a major stack of pillows.

And that stack is good for one position only. The minute you get up for any reason or move around, say, to reach for the phone, the whole pillow arrangement you've carefully built becomes undone, and you have to start all over again.

The BedLounge Works Differently

Every part of your upper body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, upper back and lower back is supported. Its adjustability and conformability actually exceeds most recliners and lounge chairs. It can be carried easily with one hand.

It folds up for compact storage requiring no more space than a laundry bag.

In short, The BedLounge is a breakthrough - a portable lounger-recliner for your bed and home, with more features and capabilities built into it than an adjustable bed, at a fraction of the cost.

The Secret Inside is the 'Active Frame™'

Dr. Swezey's secret lies in what he calls the 'Active Frame'. Every key part of the BedLounge's patented, internal Active Frame™ moves, flexes, adjusts, and takes on your body's form - in every lounging position.

With the Bed Lounge you control your comfort by controlling your own personalized support.

The BedLounge uses different densities and combination's of foam and fiber for each of these specific areas of your upper body. In this way your body's weight is evenly distributed, producing a near-weightless lounging experience for the user.

  • The headrest extends up and down over a foot (30cm) in height. It adjusts to all sizes: adults to kids.
  • The headrest rotates and tilts. It supports your head and neck at any angle from looking straight up to chin down.
  • The internal framework is engineered to be exceptionally strong. It can support an adult in any lounging position from upright to reclining. It moves, flexes and bends to distribute and equalize body weight. That's what creates the floating-like lounging experience.
  • It carries a lifetime warranty.
  • It's hand-upholstered over the framework of 6 layers of aircraft grade foam fiber, and prime feather and down. These supportive and soft layers contour and fit your body - like a glove.


  • Bed Lounge Weight 3kgs (6.5lbs)
  • Dimensions 69cm wide x 58cm high x 56cm deep (27" x 23"' x 22")

Designed for Cequal, the Leader in Postural Fitness, by Dr Robert L. Swezey of the Swezey Institute in Santa Monica, California. Dr Swezey is a pioneer in the non-surgical treatment of back conditions.


"I am enjoying my bed lounger, especially on these wintry nights where you snuggle up with a good book. Actually I am thinking seriously of buying a couple more, one for our house at Mount Tamborine and the other for my daughter when they move into their new home…." - V Bush, NSW.

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