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The Sacro Wedgy®
The Sacrowedgy®

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Price: $33.95
MPN: Sacro Wedgy - Female


The Sacrowedgy®

Unique device that stabilizes, cradles + elevates the sacrum

For just a few minutes a day, the Sacro Wedgy can help to relieve pain from a variety of back and joint pain symptoms. Using the Sacro Wedgy under the tail bone raises your lower back off the ground allowing your hips to relax using gravity to realign and balance your muscles.

With the Sacrum held in a neutral position, your hips drop and in turn encourages you to relax. The Sacro Wedgy aims to help underlying problems rather than treating the symptoms – it is not a quick fix, however by re-aligning your muscles and internal balance you address the cause of many problems.

May assist with the relief of:

  • Acute or chronic lower back pain
  • Sciatic nerve issues
  • Leg/lower body problems
  • Suspected arthritis of the hips
  • Multiple other back pain symptoms
  • The SacroWedgy® is placed under the sacrum (Which is the wedged shape bone between the hips)
  • ¾" elevation pad
  • The curve of the neck should be supported with a neck cushion or pillow so the head tilts back
  • Instruction book & brochure clearly explains how to position the device and maximize it's use
  • Choose either mail or female


  • Female SacroWedgy® - Pink
  • Male SacroWedgy® - Blue

To understand why the Sacrowedgy® is so effective, one must understand the sacrum. According to a number of medical theories, the sacrum is the keystone of your anatomy – the part upon which the spine and most of your weight rests – our center of gravity.

When an arch is built, as in construction, the last stone in the arch to go in place is the 'keystone' or wedged shaped stone. If this wedge is for some reason pulled out of place, the arch will collapse. A tight muscle can torque the sacrum off balance and either the arch or the body will collapse.

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