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Our modern lifestyle has many benefits but has also brought more stress to our daily lives. As a result, back problems have become an epidemic in recent times.

Everybody knows someone with a bad back. Just mention bad backs in any company and you'll be swamped with endless stories of problems, cures, or lack of them and a general feeling of frustration and personal involvement.

More than any other physical condition, with the possible exception of headaches and the common cold, people are seeking information and the path to a cure, or at least some pain relief.

It's also a fact that different things work for different people. With this understanding, badbackstore.com has put together an extensive and diverse range of high quality, innovative products, medical information and a dedicated customer service team to help our website visitors find the right solution.

Our team here at badbackstore.com were typical back pain sufferers. Acute and chronic pain impacted greatly on many of our daily lives, and you can be sure that every single product in our range has endured rigorous testing by our own team members - to provide a unique and personal understanding of the products we provide.

Our Company Directors have over 50 years combined manufacturing and marketing experience in the health industry. Jonathan Hulme (Director) is responsible for the bad back store's product range and Felicity Wood (Director) supervises all editorial content (ie Useful tips, A-Z of Therapies and News). The Directors are superbly supported by an energetic team of Customer Service, Health Professionals, Technical, Marketing and Logistics Specialists, we aim to make badbackstore.com number one for pain relief products and customer satisfaction.

New Website, New Motto

New and improved, shiny and gleaming - the Bad Back Store website had a right proper spit and polish. And like all beauty - its so much more than just skin deep.

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Editorial Content:

NEWS - Content for this section has been sourced (with copyright permission approval) from USA Government Health Authorities, International Hospitals and Research Institutes & Centers, and Medical Associations.

A-Z OF THERAPIES & USEFUL TIPS - Descriptions compiled by Editor - Felicity Wood (non medical practitioner - but chronic pain sufferer) from Government Health Authorities, representative Alternative Medicine Associations and Natural Therapy Teaching Centers.

Honesty in advertising and editorial policy:

The bad back store receives its revenue from the sale of therapeutic back and joint products, and may accept a limited amount of advertising. We wish to inform our website visitors that the bad back store maintains a clear separation between advertising and editorial; and that sponsors or advertisers do not exert any influence on the editorial content, selection of product, content or presentation of material on www.badbackstore.com. We will clearly distinguish advertising from health information by including the word 'advertisement'. Editorial content is under the supervision of our resident editor Felicity Wood.

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