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BALT Ergo E.Eazy Height Adjustable Workstation BALT LapMaster Laptop Table BALT POP Laptop
BALT Ergo E.Eazy Height Adjustable Workstation
Price: $887.00
Sale Price: $699.00
BALT LapMaster Laptop Table
Price: $229.00
Sale Price: $199.99
List Price: $225.00
Price: $225.00
Sale Price: $169.00
A completely adjustable computer workstation, this is one of the best quality adjustable desks on the market, featuring gas powered height adjustment, keyboard adjustment and ample work space for all your desk additions! The Lapmaster can also accommodate a small printer and other accessory items for your easy use. Works well in any office, home or hospital environment that wants to minimize on space but maximize on productivity. As a portable laptop stand, take it with you on the road to set up in the hotel.