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Neck Supports and Pillows

Neck support pillows are designed to ensure that positioning of your body is healthy and safe during sleep, rest or other activities that require a fixed posture such as taking a flight or having a long-distance ride.

Find neck support products that differ by functionality, shape, filling material and additional options. Horse shoe-shaped supports such as travel neck pillows are used when the body is in a vertical position. A neck roll pillow is best to use for sleep or when the body is positioned horizontally. Standing apart from these two are neck/shoulder supports and cervical collars, mainly designed for pain alleviation and injury recovery needs. Neck support pillow filling may include memory foam, buckwheat seeds, gel and also therapeutic enhancements such as positively charged ion magnets. Buckwheat and gel filling are ideal for use with heat and cold therapy.

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BetterRest Standard Body Pillow - White Bucky Baxter Roll Bucky Hotties NeckWrap
Pillow shaped design Body Pillow is the perfect sleep companion as it provides support to your legs and shoulders helping maintain good posture while you sleep.
Convenient webbing handles at each end make for easy placement behind the back or neck. With premium buckwheat hull filling that is durable and comfortable, the Bucky Baxter Roll is a reliable friend when you need it. Utilizing hot and cold therapy, this soothing neck wrap is filled with whole buckwheat seeds and an optional aromatherapy sachet.
Bucky Junior Utopia Neck Support Bucky Utopia Neck Support with BuckyBag Dr Bakst Magnetic Neck/Shoulder Support
Bucky Junior provides essential support to heads that may flop or roll, and can be used in the home, in the stroller, in the car or any stationary or transit situation. With so many handy built in features, the Bucky Utopia neck pillow can be adjusted to suit any individual. Purposefully overfilled with an easily accessible zipper, simply remove some buckwheat hulls to custom fit and contour to your neck to provide optim Powerful magnets for maximum relief of pain in the upper back, neck and rotator cuff.
Gel-Soft Hot or Cold Cervical Collar Jobri BetterNeck Memory Neck/Back Roll
Specifically formulated with exceptional properties to provide moist heat or soothing cold therapy for relief of neck pain. This neck support is great for those afternoons reading a book or when you just need a break.