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Nubax® Trio BackTraction Device
Nubax Back Traction Device

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Nubax® Trio BackTraction Device

Experience back traction without having to go upside down!

Designed to relieve discal pressure, to increase circulation and promote the natural healing process.

The Nubax® is an affordable method of applying effective spinal traction in the home, safely and comfortably.

The human spine is constantly under pressure. Stretching from side to side gives the illusion of back relief, however disc pressure is not released at all. The Nubax® provides targeted relief for the spine.

These two animated images show the pressure placed on the vertebrae and the discs.


Download the Nubax Trio frequently asked questions sheet for more information on the usage, compatibility and restrictions. Click here


Download the a summary of the benefits and advantages of using the Nubax Trio Back Traction Device. Click here


  • Gentle Relaxed - Provides a static yet strong traction, with no uncomfortable after effects.
  • Drug Free - Completely natural therapy.
  • Correct Alignment - Holds shoulders and hips in correct alignment.
  • Maintenance - Excellent maintenance for the back and spine, helps prevent the re-occurrence problems.
  • Preventative - Used regularly as part of an exercise program helps prevent re-occurrence problems.
  • Economic - There are no ongoing costs.


  • Portable - It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Compact - Easy to store or just leave it out.
  • Convenient - No long exercise program's, just 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Simple - So easy to use on your own.
  • Control - You are in complete control, regulating the amount of stretch or instantly release it as you want.
  • Versatile - The Nubax® is designed to accommodate a large variation in body shapes.
  • One year warranty
  • Weight limit 150kg.
  • Includes free instructional DVD


The Nubax® operates on a very simple, reliable principle of leverage. By suspending your body over a common pivot point, whilst being held at either end of your back, stretch is created as gravity forces each section to move apart and around the pivot point.

The two sections - one holding the waist and the other holding the shoulders, can only move as far apart as the back/spine allows, before stretch occurs.

Watch the nubax instructional video


"I have had a troublesome back since I was a teenager and have had chiropractic adjustments according to the demand of my back over that time. As I get older, I need more regular visits to the chiro in order to keep my back functional.

I read about the Nubax® on the internet and decided to give it a try.

I have only been using for about 3 weeks and my initial impressions are as follows:

  • I found it took me about 10 days to get the setting of the device and my body position into the right position. Prior to that I found it extremely uncomfortable as the device applied a lot of pressure to my thighs - Once I had worked out a setting and position that works for me was then able to get a proper stretch.

  • I stretch once in the morning before I have a shower and once at night just before going to bed.

What I've noticed so far: May back appears to be a little less fragile and after 3 weeks of using it I thought I would see my chiro for a tune up. During his examination, from my point of view, there was certainly a difference in the mobility of my back and the adjustment he made required a little less pressure and for the first time in many years one part of my back did not require an adjustment at all.

It was apparent to me that the Nubax device was having a positive impact and I really believe the benefits will show up after long term use.

The way I look at it is that I cannot do any harm using it and there is the great possibility of a healthier back." - Stephen Ward


People suffering a diagnosed spinal ailment should always consult their health specialist as to the suitability of traction before using the Nubax®.

Nubax Instruction Video
Nubax Instruction Tips and Hints

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