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BetterRest Standard Body Pillow - White Jobri Leg / Knee Spacer Jobri Spine Reliever Body Pillow
Pillow shaped design Body Pillow is the perfect sleep companion as it provides support to your legs and shoulders helping maintain good posture while you sleep.
Gently placed between your leg, the Leg Spacer drastically reduces the stress applied to your spine when you are lying on your side. Designed to provide a total body support whilst you are reading, lounging or sleeping.
Jobri Spine Reliever Body Pillowcase WondaWedge Inflatable Back Pain Wedge
Specially designed pillowcase to fit your comfy Spine Reliever deluxe body pillow.  Made of 100% cotton in 200 thread count in off white (or ecru). Designed by Physiotherapists specifically to overcome the frustration of trying to sit comfortably, this inflatable back pain wedge can be used in bed, outdoors - virtually anywhere!