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Posture Trainers and Upper Back Supports for Men and Women

Living with bad posture? Slouching at your desk? Good posture can be achieved by retraining your body with the use of a posture brace and rounded shoulders support.

A posture corrective brace works effectively to address the body’s poor control in the upper back and shoulders region when you have no or little postural awareness. With the continuous use of our supports, braces or straps, your posture is able to improve as your awareness and muscles strengthen. Our product offerings include higher-tech options that can digitally sense when you begin to slouch and beep to remind you to sit up straight, or opt for simpler strap solutions that restrict the distance your shoulders are able to drop forward, automatically improving posture. Bad posture has been linked to poor circulation and back pain. Choose to live without pain and shop our posture braces for men and women today!

Backtone Biofeedback Posture Trainer Bad Backs Essential Shoulder Brace Oppo Posture Support
Designed by an Australian Occupational Therapist, the BackTone™ constantly senses your posture to alert you with a quiet beep when your posture is poor, and stops when your posture is good! This is not a posture support that holds you in place.... Bad Backs posture improving supportive shoulder brace is also a dream to keep clean, it's soft and padded where it counts for added comfort and is almost invisible under your clothes! Correct posture is achievable with the help of this posture support and an excellent aid in helping to relieve back and shoulder pain.  By restricting the distance your shoulders are able to drop forward, you are automatically improving your posture.
Otto Bock Dosi EQ Posture Support
The Otto Bock posture support is ideal for correcting poor posture and rounded shoulders, as well as supporting weakness in the thoracic (upper back) muscles.  One of our most popular, high quality braces worn by both men and women.