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The LegLounge® Classic
The LegLounge® Classic

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List Price: $89.99
Price: $89.99


How It Works

Dr. Swezey has not stopped with the BedLounge®. His inventive mind has produced the LegLounger® - a patented breakthrough in reclining leg, knee, ankle and foot support.

What makes it different? Glance at the profile of the LegLounger® and you’ll see that it is unlike any pillow support before. It is teardrop shaped - elliptical.

The soft, rounded contours of the LegLounger® let it rotate and roll like a soft wheel beneath your legs. As it rolls forward or back its form changes height automatically because of its graduated shape. You control the height, you control the firmness. In the time it takes you to move your hand, the LegLounger® can shift from low to high support beneath your legs and knees!

The LegLounger® lets you effortlessly - and instantly change the height & support under your legs and knees - wherever you want it - right from where you sit. There’s no need to get up. All the adjustments are literally at your fingertips - it is instantly responsive.

The LegLounger® working together with the BedLounge® creates a full-body "comfort system". Stand alone by itself it is leg, knee, and foot support like you'll find nowhere else. Either way, the LegLounger® is revolutionary in its ease, comfort and adjustability.

A Honeycomb-like Framework at its Heart

Inside the LegLounger®, like with the BedLounge®, there's an internal honeycomb-like framework. The framework holds 2 air lifters. These inflate or deflate to change the firmness beneath your legs, knees, or feet. Layers of resilient foam and soft fiber surround and cover the internal framework. You get the support of foam, the softness of pillow fiber without the bulk and weight of dense all-foam wedges.


  • The beauty of the LegLounger® is that you can change the height settings and the firmness or softness without the need to get up.
  • You just roll it and it automatically adapts to the supportive level you desire.

Versatility - So Many Supports Rolled Into One

  • Let's say that you're relaxing with your LegLounger® in bed, or around the house. You feel like changing activities from reading a magazine to watching TV. You simply grip the soft, built-in handles and rotate the LegLounger®. That's it. Forward or back, the height instantly adjusts to your desired comfort setting.

Don't Forget Its an Ottoman Too

  • The LegLounger® even works as an ottoman for tired feet and ankles.
  • Changing the firmness is as simple as twisting the knob on the side at your fingertips. It works much in the way an air bed system does.You just turn the control knob towards you, find the firmness or softness level you like, and turn the knob back to set it.
  • Until now, getting comfortable support beneath your legs, knees, and feet meant using stacks of pillows, or cushions, or cumbersome foam wedges.
  • These require your constant attention. And it is at least twice the time consuming inconvenience - and double the work if you're using a stack of pillows against your back to prop you up.
  • The internal framework is engineered to be exceptionally strong. It can support an adult in any lounging position from upright to reclining. It moves, flexes and bends to distribute and equalise body weight. That's what creates the floating-like lounging experience.
  • It carries a lifetime warranty.
  • It's hand-upholstered over the framework of 6 layers of aircraft grade foam fiber, and prime feather and down. These supportive and soft layers contour and fit your body - like a glove.

Designed for Cequal, the Leader in Postural Fitness, by Dr Robert L. Swezey of the Swezey Institute in Santa Monica, California. Dr Swezey is a pioneer in the non-surgical treatment of back conditions.

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