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Backtone Biofeedback Posture Trainer Bad Backs Essential Shoulder Brace Dr Bakst Magnetic Ankle Support
Designed by an Australian Occupational Therapist, the BackTone™ constantly senses your posture to alert you with a quiet beep when your posture is poor, and stops when your posture is good! This is not a posture support that holds you in place.... Bad Backs posture improving supportive shoulder brace is also a dream to keep clean, it's soft and padded where it counts for added comfort and is almost invisible under your clothes! Powerful magnetic therapy for you ankle. This is ideal if you have had ankle problems that come back to haunt you time and time again.
Dr Bakst Magnetic Back Support Dr Bakst Magnetic Elbow Device Dr Bakst Magnetic Knee Support
Powerful magnetic therapy for your back. Ideal for people who suffer from acute back ache and need that extra help during the day Pain and soreness in the wrist is common, not so common is something that may help. Magnetic therapy may help relieve strain and soreness from affected areas. For relief of pain and stiffness, you kneed our unique support.
Dr Bakst Magnetic Neck/Shoulder Support Dr Bakst Magnetic Tennis/Golf Forearm Support Dr Bakst Magnetic Wrist Wrap
Powerful magnets for maximum relief of pain in the upper back, neck and rotator cuff. Magnetic support, personally adjustable pressure to relieve forearm pain Pain and soreness in the wrist is common, not so common is something that may help. Magnetic therapy may help relieve strain and soreness from affected areas.
Dr Bakst SUPER Back Support Nada Back-Up Oppo Biomagnetic Back Support
Nada Back-Up
Price: $59.00
Powerful magnets for maximum pain relief! The nada chair is simply the chair you wear! Helps improve circulation and promotes the body's natural healing process.
Oppo Biomagnetic Knee Support Oppo Posture Support Otto Bock Dosi EQ Posture Support
Using the Oppo Biomagnetic Knee support in conjunction with your rehabilitation, exercise and/or massage, your pain will be a thing of the past. Correct posture is achievable with the help of this posture support and an excellent aid in helping to relieve back and shoulder pain.  By restricting the distance your shoulders are able to drop forward, you are automatically improving your posture. The Otto Bock posture support is ideal for correcting poor posture and rounded shoulders, as well as supporting weakness in the thoracic (upper back) muscles.  One of our most popular, high quality braces worn by both men and women.
Pro-Tec Patellar Knee Tendon Strap Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Pro-Tec Sacroilliac Back Belt
Great for alleviating moderate knee pain, especially in areas under and surrounding the knee cap, the Pro-Tec Patella Knee Strap helps alleviate symptoms of tendinitis, chondromalacia, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Osgood-Schlatter's Disease, and other knee ailments. Helps relieve the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, heel spurs and the related symptoms of peroneal and tibial nerve entrapment. A common cause of back pain is related to Sacroilliac Joint Syndrome or Dis-function. The Sacroiliac (S.I.) Back Belt provides stabilization to the hips and sacrum, reducing strain to the lower back.
Pro-Tec X-Factor Knee Brace
A great knee compression brace and support, providing stability for knee injuries; including patello-femoral pain and moderate ligament tears.