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Zero-Gravity Recliners & Chairs for the Home

The concept of Zero Gravity or Anti-Gravity was developed by NASA. The position in which astronauts sit during takeoff is carefully calculated to alleviate and prevent stress on the body caused by the extreme gravitational pull. The seating industry has since adopted the same concept to reduce stress on your spine by elevating your body as you sit at home.

A Zero-Gravity recliner perfectly positions your body with 'zero' stress on the muscles, ligaments and joints. They shift from an upright position to a complete recline so you can really test out what feels best for your body. These anti-gravity chairs also assist in the reduction of back pain, decrease muscle tension and even increase blood oxygen levels, leading to better circulation!

Our wide range of electric recliner chairs have been manufactured to minimize the strain gravity places on your vertebrae so you can finally relax more in the comfort of your home! We also offer a Zero-Gravity outdoor chair so you can relax on your front porch or backyard all year long.

Faulkner Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner - Bad Back Store
As soon as you lean back into the Zero Gravity position, your legs are elevated and you can actually feel the pressure and discomfort being taken away from your lower back. You'll feel a sensation of weightlessness.