About Us

  Badbackstore.com is a leading reseller of Natural, Non-Invasive back and neck care products. • Online since 2006, badbackstore.com provides competitive prices, outstanding quality products and friendly customer service. We offer many unique and patented products to aid people with mild to chronic back and neck pain. Jobri® was established in July 1997 as a holding company to facilitate company and product acquisitions. Jobri® founders completed the first acquisition in January 1998 when BetterBody Company in California was purchased. This small manufacturing company manufactured ergonomic & comfort products for the back & neck. Jobri® relocated the company’s operations to centrally located Konawa, Oklahoma. Over the next 3 years Jobri®acquired and relocated four more separate companies to Oklahoma: Accu-Back®, Mor-loc®, Bay Jacobsen®, and Feel Good Furniture. All of the additional acquisitions complemented the initial BetterBody product range. Over the years, Jobri® ‘s R&D efforts have resulted in the development of more than 25 new products that were added to the range such as specialty chairs, massagers, back and neck supports, heat therapy, footrest, back traction, etc… Jobri® continues to aggressively search and source unique products from other countries or companies that it can either manufacture or source for distribution in its markets. Today, Jobri® encompasses four facilities (over 80,000 sq. ft.) in Konawa, OK. We operate manufacturing, fulfillment services and warehousing for both Jobri® and private label customer brands. In addition, Jobri® operates a distribution center (5,000 sq. ft.) located in the UK servicing the European Community. Jobri® manufactures over 100 different products (over 400 sku’s) that are sold and distributed in all 50 USA states and more than 40 countries internationally. These products include ergonomic back supports, ergonomic chairs, orthopedic belts & braces, sleep products, massage & fitness products, and countless OEM products for private label accounts. The company distributes these products to retail stores, catalog & internet companies, pharmacies, home healthcare distributors, and medical professionals. In December 2013, Jobri® acquired the WondaWedge Inflatable Products Company in Texas which manufactures a line of comfort travel products. Most recently, the Hot Rox electronic hand warmer has been added to our heat therapy product range. These latest acquisitions illustrates Jobri® ‘s continuous commitment to product development for the comfort and care of our customers. Jobri® continues to seek new acquisitions and strategic alliances, and expects to grow its business significantly in the years to come. Please contact us with any and all product concept opportunities.